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Welcome on My Little Vientiane,

Working in Lao P.D.R. for 3 years now, I fell in love with Vientiane, pronounced Vieng-Chan and written ວຽງຈັນ, the capital of the Country.

Living in the smallest Capital, with not even 1 million inhabitant, of one of the smallest Country of South East Asia, which is surrounded by kilometers and kilometers of fields, Vientiane is certainly not the most beautiful city of Laos, but it offers a lot to appreciate in a daily routine.

We hear many people saying Vientiane has no ‘charm’. Yes, this is absolutely not the most beautiful city of Laos, in terms of view, nature, architecture, … However, despite the fact that being a pedestrian is a nightmare, there are a lot of small streets, some hidden quiet places. But also a LOT of restaurants to satisfy your belly and enough coffee shops to keep you awake, more and more shops to offer a range of everything you may need, and events happening all the time !

Coming from France, I was particularly surprised by where people are spending most of their time: outside. Not at home. And this is where I’ll try to bring you, this is what I’ll try to show you.

This blog will be my public-secret garden: I will share with you the one million reasons that make me love Vientiane and Laos in general.

Hope you like it !




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