Bistro 22

Chef Philippe : While you are tempted by French cuisine, his name probably comes to your mind. Coming from Burgundy, Chef Philippe has been living in Laos for almost 20 years, he loves the Country, but beyond this, he loves food. And the authentic one. The à la carte menu should thrill every French-cuisine-holic: cheese and cold cuts platter, goat … Continue reading Bistro 22

Kaogee Café

These times, I am craving for mix Asian-Falang breakfast. The opening of the second branch of Kaogee Cafe happened at the right time. Let's visit this new eatery ! In this place, litterally called "bread",  it is all about kaogee. The Chicken Masaman and the Sin Mai (Vietnamese pork ball "siu mai") are served on a tray with a … Continue reading Kaogee Café