Parfums Chocolats

Is there another ideal monh to talk about Chocolate than February ? With Valentine’s day arriving, you may think about offering chocolate to your lover. Perfect timing for Parfums Chocolat to open its door and treat us with delicious chocolates and pastries.

Who they are

As you know, in Laos, it is all about food. The owner gets it, which is why he decided to make the Lao people discover the taste of Chocolate and French pastries. This is how the project was born.

After that, he needed to have someone who will fully satisfy our cravings, and so he hired the master Chocolatier, who is also French. The Master Chocolatier arrived straight from San Francisco, to delight Vientianer’s mouths :).

Trained in Paris, this is the first Chocolate shop, what we call in French Chocolatier, in Vientiane, and, as a big fan of chocolate, I wish them a big success.


All about Chocolate

As you can guess, it is about chocolate. I went there after a late lunch, so we, Monsieur and I, had scoops of ice cream and an éclair au chocolat. The éclair was just divine – maybe I should have waited before I devored it, to make the chocolate a bit melty – well-balanced and not to sweet, as we can often – in my opinion – taste in Vientiane.

Really, you’d better to go there hungry ! Have a look on these beauties.



To offer the best, they carefully use famous French and Belgium chocolate only. Besides, every pastry is well dressed and elegant. They all look very delicious, and I am pretty sure they ALL are !


In plus of the pastries made from chocolate, Parfums Chocolat also offers some classics French pastries, such as the Paris Brest or several flavours of ice cream.




And of course, for Valentine’s, Parfums Chocolat make some special creations,  as in the picture below. Men, if you read this, that is a lovely gift for your girl !

Cr. Parfums Chocolat


Where to find them

The street in between Ivet and J-Mart on Phonsinuan Road,
Open from Tuesday to Sunday, 7AM to 8.30PM


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