[Report] Lao Fashion Week 2016

Bigger than ever, with 20 Designers, the Lao Fashion Week 3rd edition was undoubtedly a real success. Held during an entire week (12.09-16.09), Spring Summer Collections 2017 have been showcased. I am so excited to make this report ! Let’s run the show !

Getting ready
Runway at Landmark Mekong Riverside Hotel

Fashion from there…

Designs were very different from each other, which made the entire week very interesting and, after a show, made us very curious about the next designers ! I assume few of us were disappointed by what they saw during these 4 nights of runways. Each collection was a profusion of creativity !

Coming from Cambodia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, each collection perfectly combined traditional and modern styles and edges. Here are some pictures taken on the catwalk (all my apologies for the bad quality, my phone has a terrible night mode):

and here

Lao designers were represented the first night of shows by Khang : lightness and pastel colors, with a Wedding touch in the air… But also by Ministry of Silk. Both are famous for the silk they mix with style and elegance with other material.

The second day of runways showcased the collection by Men Folder, only mostly for Men, as the brand is renamed for its suits : elegant and casual, its pieces are very popular in Laos, especially for the grooms.

On the last day, the 3 present Lao Young Designers had nothing to envy to their seniors. Unfortunately, my phone was out of battery… But I guarantee you they all deserved the applaudes their received !

All pieces are now sold at Ministry of Silk, and 20% of each sales will go to the Lao Young Designers Project. And, even if you don’t need to know this to run like crazy to the shop, you are happy to participate, right ?

So every fashionista, working or discreet lady, every YOU, show me what you get 🙂

Where to make your shopping

Ministry of Silk Flagship Store, Nam Phu Square


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